The Art of Beautiful Note Taking

Every year I go to Flame University in Pune to conduct a workshop on Behavioral Finance. In the last workshop in July 2017, I spent three awesome days @ Flame engaging with participants who had come from all over India. Some came from overseas. My friend Saurabh Madaan came all the way from San Francisco to attend. He also took one of the sessions.

One of the participants, whom I have known for a while, sent me a copy of the notes he took during the workshop. I found them to be astonishingly beautiful. And so I asked him if I could publish them. Graciously, he accepted on the condition that his identity should be kept confidential. You can find some of notes here. I am not publishing all of them because some of the notes pertain to businesses…

The only other person I know who can write and draw like this is Vishal Khandelwal. Take at look at a few examples of his excellent drawing skills:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

This type of visual thinking and note taking ability is, in my view, a very powerful way to learn. Indeed, recently I talked about the subject of visual thinking at the OctoberQuest conference. Will publish a transcript soon.




Economic Times Column on Metaphors and Analogies

After a gap of almost exactly 23 years, I was invited by ET to start writing a column for the paper.

Here is the first one: and here is the pdf.

Any suggestions about what I should write about in future columns will be welcome. I won’t write about any specific company or stock, however.


Sanjay Bakshi

8 August 2017