Republishing “Diary of a Private Investor”

Back in 1996 and 1997, as a poor value investor struggling to make a living, I was dependent on writing for a number of publications for the money. These included The Economic Times and The Intelligent Investor (a newspaper based out of Mumbai which is not longer in existence). The money was not much —… Continue reading Republishing “Diary of a Private Investor”

The Relevance of Price/Book… Transcript: Good morning guys and girls.  Location: The butterfly conservatory inside the Lodhi Gardens Topic: The relevance of price to book value ratio in financial stocks. So this is the butterfly conservatory. Let's see if I find any inside. It's a very beautiful location. Okay. So let's talk about the relevance of price-to-book-value ratios… Continue reading The Relevance of Price/Book…

Mini Lecture on Evaluating Operating Skills of Business Managers Transcript Hey guys and girls! Good morning. I am back at my favorite place — Lodhi Gardens. You can look, I love this place. It's like a jungle inside the city. So quiet… Today I want to talk to you about management quality. And, in fact, I want to talk about just one of… Continue reading Mini Lecture on Evaluating Operating Skills of Business Managers