The Ashiana Housing Lecture Revisited

I had earlier blogged about Ashiana Housing and this lecture on 21 December, 2013. Varun Gupta, who is Wholetime Director at Ashiana Housing delivered this lecture to my students at MDI on 31 December, 2013. Finally I got the time today to upload the edited lecture video on YouTube. I have spliced the lecture video… Continue reading The Ashiana Housing Lecture Revisited

“Castrol India Won’t Stop Investing in India”

DNA reports "Castrol India says it won't stop investing despite slowdown" Huh? When did it start? Not for the last 16 years, no! You can't really stop what you haven't started for last 16 years, can you? 🙂 Nevertheless, over those 16 years, Castrol India paid its shareholders dividends aggregating INR 28 billion and to… Continue reading “Castrol India Won’t Stop Investing in India”

Those Warehouse Receipts Again and What to Do About Them?

A story on Financial Technologies (a stock which dropped 65% yesterday and then another 20% today) in today's Livemint mentions "warehouse receipts." QUOTE What’s the fear? That there is no underlying commodity is the fear. NSEL says it will sell the commodity and meet its payment obligations, but what if there are no commodities? Surely, there… Continue reading Those Warehouse Receipts Again and What to Do About Them?