Abridged Note Sent to Students on Epictetus

I have long been a lover of Sharon Lebell's book (The Art Of Living : The Classical Manual On Virtue, Happiness And Effectiveness) on the philosophy of Epictetus. Yesterday I sent some excerpts from this book to my BFBV students at MDI. Here is an abridged version of what I sent them: - - Dear… Continue reading Abridged Note Sent to Students on Epictetus

A New Barber in Town

I read this story on Aircel's lenders agreeing to take a 99% haircut on dues worth Rs 20,000 crore. And decided to take a (pathetic) shot at poetry on a Saturday morning... đŸ™‚ A New Barber in Town I went to Khan Market for a coffee 
But I bumped into my barber instead
 And in… Continue reading A New Barber in Town