The Relevance of Price/Book… Transcript: Good morning guys and girls.  Location: The butterfly conservatory inside the Lodhi Gardens Topic: The relevance of price to book value ratio in financial stocks. So this is the butterfly conservatory. Let's see if I find any inside. It's a very beautiful location. Okay. So let's talk about the relevance of price-to-book-value ratios… Continue reading The Relevance of Price/Book…

Abridged Note Sent to Students on Epictetus

I have long been a lover of Sharon Lebell's book (The Art Of Living : The Classical Manual On Virtue, Happiness And Effectiveness) on the philosophy of Epictetus. Yesterday I sent some excerpts from this book to my BFBV students at MDI. Here is an abridged version of what I sent them: - - Dear… Continue reading Abridged Note Sent to Students on Epictetus

Mini Lecture on Evaluating Operating Skills of Business Managers Transcript Hey guys and girls! Good morning. I am back at my favorite place — Lodhi Gardens. You can look, I love this place. It's like a jungle inside the city. So quiet… Today I want to talk to you about management quality. And, in fact, I want to talk about just one of… Continue reading Mini Lecture on Evaluating Operating Skills of Business Managers