Republishing “Diary of a Private Investor”

Back in 1996 and 1997, as a poor value investor struggling to make a living, I was dependent on writing for a number of publications for the money. These included The Economic Times and The Intelligent Investor (a newspaper based out of Mumbai which is not longer in existence).

The money was not much — about INR 700 per column — but it helped put food on the table for my wife, our two-year old daughter, and me.

Every few hours, I had to write a column, print it, and fax it to the publishers. There were tight deadlines.

I wrote many columns — hundreds of them — just for the money. But over time, I realised that I was learning so much because I was writing against deadlines for money…

Anyway, long story short, I wrote and submitted hundreds of columns. But, after a while, the publishers said they can’t take any more columns from me. They already had too much stuff from me.

I needed the money and if there’s one thing that makes you creative, it’s poverty.

I created a pseudonym – JMK – which stands for John Maynard Keynes – and started submitting a new column called Diary of a Private Investor signed by JMK – which was promptly accepted for publication because it was no longer from “me.” LOL!

Anyway, today I was going though stuff on my computer and I came across those columns and thought of republishing some of them.

You can get them from here:

7 thoughts on “Republishing “Diary of a Private Investor””

  1. Thank you for posting these articles. As always, lot of learning.
    I will appreciate, if you can share all the articles you published in the past, for learning of your students.

  2. The VST paradox is quite similar to the Vedanta paradox you had explained a few days back. All of the articles are fantastic reads

  3. Hello Sir, Thanks for sharing.
    I read your entire story from London days to succeeding in India long time ago. Can you please share the blog link

  4. Dear Sir, Your blog posts / twitter feed is such an inspiring place to go to. Thank you for being kind enough to share your understanding with us. I wish you the best!

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