A New Barber in Town

I read this story on Aircel’s lenders agreeing to take a 99% haircut on dues worth Rs 20,000 crore.

And decided to take a (pathetic) shot at poetry on a Saturday morning…


A New Barber in Town

I went to Khan Market for a coffee

But I bumped into my barber instead

And in a moment of my utter weakness
I ended up disregarding Buffett

I asked him if I needed a haircut

He took a good look at me and said:

Yes of course you need a haircut!

I mean, what else could he have said?

And while I was getting my haircut

I picked up the newspaper and read

a story about another haircut

and lenders whose money was dead

And as I flipped the pages of the paper 
I found more stories on haircuts

and bankers whose money was now vapour

finding all doors to recovery were shut

I showed the stories to my Barber

He looked at them in anguish and said:

Why aren't bankers coming to me for haircuts?

while his face was angry and red

I thought for a moment, then told him
about the big, new barber in town
Yes, the one who will now do all the trimming

1 thought on “A New Barber in Town”

  1. Well said Sir “NCLT Haircuts”.

    NCLT run IBC process, seems to be a legal way, by which large cases of favor driven banking sanctions have been buried without any inspections.

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