A Highway to Debt


12 thoughts on “A Highway to Debt

  1. Nithin lakshmanan says:

    Truly chilling !

  2. Saket Mishra says:

    Wow! It will be an epic buying opportunity when this crashes the market!

  3. Wow.. such an enlightening piece Thanks for the detailed analysis. It looks like to faulty business model to begin with, where you need to borrow more with limited revenue streams. It is like ‘riding a tiger’ if I quote Satyam fame Raju’s words 😉

  4. A scary, slippery slope, indeed

  5. What will be the effect of that ??? How it will effect the retail investors ??

  6. Haryy Mishra says:

    just super.. what a great explanation….

  7. My friend has taken capital gain bonds worth 50lacs under Section 54EC , should he be concerned and worry? Its getting matured in 2020.

  8. A very clear explanation about this topic.

  9. Thanks for sharing such a useful information.

  10. Vikram Enjam says:

    Insightful article. This case study re-confirms that Independent thinking is important when evaluating Investment opportunities , outsourcing investing process to credit rating firms is a recipe for disaster.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Very nice blog!

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