Stock Picking vs. Portfolio Construction The Role of Checklists

Yesterday, my partner Paresh and I delivered a talk at CFA Society in New Delhi. The topic was “Stock Picking vs. Portfolio Construction: The Role of Checklists.”

You can get the slide deck from here. Do check out the links embedded in the file.

We enjoyed interacting with the members of the CFA community and thank CFA Society for inviting us.

* * * * *

Update on 5 May: Our host Jitendra Chawla, has posted a note on the talk. You can get it from here.


5 thoughts on “Stock Picking vs. Portfolio Construction The Role of Checklists”

  1. Hey, Great presentation and lots of things to learn. A big thank you for educating me, although am being a long term investor for a long period of time. Yes, if I knew all the things narrated, i would have been a better informed investor. Regards, Gundu

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