Planet MicroCap Podcast

Robert Kraft, Chief Operating Officer and Editor-in-Chief, who also hosts Planet MicroCap Podcasts interviewed me recently. I enjoyed interacting with Robert and learnt that, among other things, Robert is a surfer and so naturally we spoke about Charlie Munger’s mental model called “surfing” 🙂

You can get the recording of the podcast from here. (The surfing bit was not recorded!)

2 thoughts on “Planet MicroCap Podcast”

  1. Hi Sir

    Great article. Had a query for a novice like me, can you share your on thoughts on how your investing approach ( Bargains , Arb, Moat , Deep Value investing etc.) has evolved over the years?

    For novice like us which approach would be the best to begin with given that apart from ARs/Financial number/ C. reports and other publicly available information we don’t have way to verify/ go to market to understand in depth about a prospective company.

    What does your experience says?


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