BFBV Closed Group on Facebook

To my ex-students from MDI who have studied BFBV from me.

I created this Facebook group a few years ago for interaction with you and then forgot to make any formal announcement about it. This is a group where we don’t talk about stocks. We talk about life, MDI memories, career opportunities etc…

Would love to have you on board if you studied BFBV from me (which I will verify before granting permission to join).

Group address:

Sanjay Bakshi

6 thoughts on “BFBV Closed Group on Facebook

  1. Ronak Raichura says:

    Hello Sir, What about Eklavya’s… who passively studied the art and science from you..

  2. Kunal Thanvi says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is this just for MDI students or students from “FLAME Investment Lab – Behavioral Finance With Sanjay Bakshi program” can also be part of it?

  3. Dear sir… I extend the request made by Mr Ronak . There are many students like me who got invaluable insights about life and its different dimensions. I heard you at Moneylife Foundation program . And it is truly amazing to listen to you . Please do consider hundreds of fellow who silently following you to become a better individual. Regards .

  4. Envy is an useless emotion. Let me control it…:-))

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