Amit Wadhwaney Returns

My friend Amit Wadhwaney, who spent a couple of decades managing money at Third Avenue Value came to my class at MDI in 2014 and addressed my students on global value investing.

This year, Amit returned to MDI as portfolio manager and co-founding partner of Moerus Capital — an investment firm based out of NYC. The website of Amit’s firm tells us the story behind term “Moerus.”

Moerus’ name is derived from the Classical Latin word describing a city’s defensive walls, which were designed to protect both a city and its inhabitants from risks, both predicted and unforseen. Though we are unabashed value investors, we cannot emphasize enough that cheapness alone is not enough to warrant an investment. We believe a keen awareness of the risks facing an investment is essential to generating solid returns over the long run.

The opportunities that we often find ourselves pursuing typically face near term challenges, risks, and uncertainties. We welcome such transitory turmoil, as it sometimes provides unusually compelling opportunities. However, because of this short term turmoil, we seek to populate our portfolios with companies that have a “Moerus” – the strength, staying power and wherewithal – to withstand a variety of risks.

My students and I totally enjoyed learning from Amit who spoke about his firm’s approach towards investing with a particular focus on risk. I particularly enjoyed the part when Amit spoke about the importance of “knowing the neighbourhood that you are going to.” There’s a fabulous lesson in there and many more in the talk. I am confident that you’ll enjoy watching Amit’s lecture video and slides.


2 thoughts on “Amit Wadhwaney Returns”

  1. Sir, thanks a lot for all your generosity in sharing such valuable contents.
    I have one request/suggestion if possible, to improve the audio quality of all the video links recorded at MDI.
    There is no intent of pointing the finger but only eagerness to grasp the content effectively.
    God Bless You.

  2. sir your blog are excellent giving more weightage value investing keeping long term investing horizon which investors tend to forget and end up being tradevestor
    Warrent Buffet and Benjaming taught us value investing ,but i would like to add a point when BG wrote book it was a period of great depression every stock had lost more then 80% of value. I believe its wasKenneth Fisher was a one who taught us to look at company internal and external factors .i would request you sir to also include his studies and importance in your blog would be a great help and share your own perspective on it

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