The Seduction of Vishwamitra


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  1. The best way to ignore such menaka ( noise) not to the watch Business channel ,not focus on day to day business news on specific stocks .Once you are away from these noise then there is very least chance that Menaka will disturb you .As Mr Benjamin Grahmn tell about Mr Market ” he is here to serve not ot order you ” . Take the advanagte of menaka when stock of good business you have confidenec and studied or laready in your portfolio to purchase more evn when Menaka make a Noise a like that

    1. Dont buy this it will fall more , it had just started to fall.
    2. This buisness will be bankrrupt.
    3.It had No future .etc etc

  2. Adding to above one Once your intellect framework is ready from your exeprience , mistakes and reading and learning from other mistakes/experience As also Benjamin Grahmn tell that you have not deviate from that intellect framework.

  3. Thank you, Sir. Even in simplicity there is much to read and adapt to. Grateful.

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  4. One more thing Menaka whispers, especially when you are sitting on cash, Invest soon…or Swing you Bum…the others have already made 100% this year.

    I think the answer to your question towards the end lies in Buddha’s struggles to attain Nirvana (freedom from suffering – at its root he finds desire to be the cause of suffering), just when he is about to attain Nirvana, Mara arrives with his 3 beautiful daughters. Buddha keeps his focus and his libido in check and attains Nirvana. Thelre is a similar story about Jesus and the Devil trying to incite him….

    Bottomline is that you need to keep your focus and being mindful is probably the best way to do it. I have not come across any better way in my readings. Would be interested to know if there is something else out there.

  5. Well common sense is uncommon . We apply the practice of buy low sell high at any and every economic transaction in our daily life . I for one am technically challenged as far as charts go nor do I dwell too deeply into numbers . But I believe in looking up honest companies who are trying to provide the best products at the lowest cost to the largest number of people and also innovating for the next level of the customers choice . I love to read your articles because they help me have faith in myself and not throw my hands in the sir and say ,Oh !! The stock market is complex web of things and I am better of with an FD .
    Thank you

  6. I think this is one of the best Indian analogies to Graham’s Mr Market. What will Vishwamitra do? I do not know because each individual reacts to the same situation in a different way. We are not the sum of our parts but a composite whole, guided by our mental maps and experiences.
    What should Vishwamitra do? Concentrate on his Tapasya or like Ulysses put wax in his years. Or on a note of levity, he should first read fundoo professor before undertaking his financial Tapasya.

  7. Sir Jee,

    Excellent comparison. These questions from Menka is easy to avoid. However if she taunts you like your wife.

    1. I told you last week book some profit. See what is happening now.
    2. I told you to romance with this new beautiful lady(stock) but you are stuck with that old one like your brother and sister.
    3. You always ignore me and does not listen to me, you don’t care for me and choose to keep mum and do nothing. You are such a lazy fellow.

    These questions will test Vishwamitra more ..:)


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