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Shailesh Menon of The Economic Times called me at home a few days ago and persuaded me to speak to him for a profile he was doing on finance academics in India who also practice value investing.


Clarification: Quoting unnamed sources, the profile refers to a number of businesses I own. As of now, that’s not an accurate reflection of reality.

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  1. I found this part very interesting sir:

    “Prof Bakshi used to be a value investor when he was managing his own funds. He’s not a deep-value investor anymore. He’s forced to change his ways as he manages the monies of other people,” says an acquaintance of the professor on conditions of anonymity.

    What is your take on this? Is this similar to moving from being an 85% Graham/15% Fisher to the other way round, which a Warren Buffet has gone through?

    Would be interesting to hear from you on this

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