The Ajit Isaac Lecture Video

The Ajit Isaac Lecture Video is ready. You can view it from here.

It would be best to read my teaching note on Ajit and his presentation slides before you see the video.

Enjoy. And Learn.

7 thoughts on “The Ajit Isaac Lecture Video”

  1. Saw in one sitting. Excellent and insightful talk. He is a great leader and entrepreneur. Really cares for minority shareholder. He wants to create an excellent value. I would not be surprised if a decade down the line Quess becomes a global leader. Happy and grateful to be a side car investor by being a shareholder of TCIL.

  2. Splendid! Very detailed presentation on business of company, reasons why acquisitions may be successful and create value for shareholders, need for focus, long-term orientation, what to look in a management and what constitutes a good business. How a business can grow without debt with discipline,focused approach and integrity. Two Rules of the company by Mr. Ajit, First rule to meet targets for the year and second rule not to Forget First rule reminded me of rules of investing as advised by Warren Buffet, first rule of investing is don’t lose money and second rule is don’t forget rule no one. Foot in Door technique something mentioned by Cialdini in his book Influence and a great technique to generate revenue and grow business. I really enjoyed this lecture and there has been a lot of learning.

  3. Excellent. What is the biggest takeaway for me? As investors, may be we would never do all the heavy lifting ourselves (starting a business and making it successful) however by getting associated with people like Ajit, Gupta brothers (Ashiana) and promoters like Relaxo and Symphony, we can still enjoy such exhilarating experiences of achieving something worthwhile in life and adding value to society as a whole. Think about multiplier effect of 1:4 when a barely employable person gets trained and gets a job as Ajit mentioned. This is so much more exciting and enriching than simply thinking about how much we can get out of an investment decision (that is equally important as well). Thanks Sanjay Sir for highlighting such people who never get talked about in mainstream media. All these examples massively reinforce the belief that it is perfectly possible to run profitable business in highly ethical manner with a lot of integrity and add a lot of value to society at large.

  4. Thanks for this fantastic video, presentation and teaching note. Good stuff. After analyzing all this i got relieved “the high P/E” iam still holding my stocks.

    I think these are great businesses.

  5. A very insightful and engaging lecture which I will want to view again and again to imbibe the invaluable lessons in business and entrepreneurship. All ideas shared are very practical and easy to understand but at the same time very powerful. Really liked his 3Cs idea of cash, customers and colleagues which is equally relevant for entrepreneurs and investors. Mr. Bakshi you are doing a great job to budding value investors and community in large by organising and sharing such events.

  6. Dear Sir

    Thanks a lot for taking efforts to post this… Listening to Ajit Isaac was such a learning experience… Now I understand this part of Thomas cook business much better…

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