Understanding the Universe of the Unknown and the Unknowable

I gave a talk titled” Understanding the Universe of the Unknown and the Unknowable” hosted by The CFA Society in New Delhi on 4 March. You can download the slides with notes from here.

11 thoughts on “Understanding the Universe of the Unknown and the Unknowable”

  1. Wow, It has been a long time since you have posted on this blog sir.! btw. Version 2011 of BFBV was super awesome, Enjoyed the slides and learning’s behind them. Thank you.!

  2. sir very very thanks for slide ,I regularly check this site and your other website to find new source of learning -I am not sure , you can consider this as a request if you can post the video footings of learning also , that will add altogether complete meanings to our learning -so many ifs , but it is your call based on feasibility

    Really thanks , very much , regards !!!!!!!

  3. Absolutely amazing Prof..enjoyed reading it..looking fwd to the day when you will take a step further and post videos of your talks..

  4. Dear Sir

    I am not able to reconcile thoughts presented on slide 4 “Scenario analysis under wide range of outcomes” and thoughts presented on slide 100& 101 where you say “Seek uncertainty on favorable terms”. My confusion is in case of uncertainty there will be wide range of outcome and one will have to use scenario analysis to determine whether to invest in such scenario or not. So can you give some examples which despite uncertainty scenario analysis should not be done?

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