Story@BFBV: The Man with a Hammer Story

Don’t try to explain things by thinking of one reason and then latching on to it. Big outcomes are rarely caused because of one reason. Ask “what else can cause this outcome.” In the Milgram experiment people gave what they thought were electric shocks to innocent strangers. What caused that? Was it authority bias alone? What were the other models at work?

Don’t solve problems with the only tool you possess. Get more tools. Make a checklist.


2 thoughts on “Story@BFBV: The Man with a Hammer Story

  1. […] The big lesson here is that you must use metaphors but not overuse the ones that first come to your mind because that would make you look just like a man (or a woman) with a hammer. […]

  2. thank you prof.
    at first i had some problem finding other models on milgram experiment, which i think was because i have thought of this experiment as base example of authority caused bias…. thankfully i succeeded later on.

    PS. Discovery channel repeated milgram experiment with several other variations … like sending two people together .. it was fun to watch

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