Story@BFBV: The X-Ray Story

Doctors who see lots of chest X-Rays are much less likely to smoke than doctors who don’t. Vivid images are very influential.

If you see a slick and glossy annual report, be aware of this bias. Ask if you being fooled here?

See this report as an example. Stock is down 90% from its high. Don’t fall for the vividness temptation trap.

2 thoughts on “Story@BFBV: The X-Ray Story”

  1. Just read a book named Moonwalking with Einstein, on the art of memory. The book documents memory athletes who have normal memories but are able to perform amazing feats like memorizing thousands of random digits or several decks of playing cards using ancient techniques of associating vivid images with locations. Just another application of the power of vivid images.

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