Confessions of a Value Investor: A Few Lessons in Behavioral Finance

I gave a talk titled “Confessions of a Value Investor: A Few Lessons in Behavioral Finance” to the students of Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.The pdf version of the presentation can be downloaded from here.

20 thoughts on “Confessions of a Value Investor: A Few Lessons in Behavioral Finance”

  1. Dear Sir,
    When I click the link, I get the message “the file is damaged and could not be repaired”. Could you kindly look into this issue? Regards

  2. Able to download. Thank you very much.
    I have read every single article/post that you have published. Very informative and useful.
    It would be great if voice/video recording of your talks/lectures are posted. Kindly consider. Regards.

  3. Sir,

    Is there a possibility to include links of the included videos, as it is essentially important in delivering a better understanding of the content.

    Please do accept my endless thanks for providing such unprecedented work, i’m really a better person after reading for you.


  4. Dear Professor Bakshi,

    I just stumbled on your blog today from Dr. Steenbarger’s blog. I’m only on the 12th slide of your presentation and it is “mind blasting”! Behavioral Finance is so fascinating and I thank you beyond words can express for your blog!

  5. Mohammed, the presentation file (with embedded videos) is 646 MB while the pdf file I uploaded is about a tenth that size. So its not practical for me to upload the videos. However, here are a few links:

    The videos consisting Tversky and Kahneman can be seen from

    The scene from Tin Men on slide 121 was from the movie itself.

    See for video on slide 202.

    Video on slide 205 is from the PBS documentary Dot Con.

    Slide 274 is the famous Michael Jordan “Failure” Commercial – see The orange smudged text on the slide is the animated subtitles…

  6. Dear Sir,

    When I am trying to download the file, the following comment is appearing

    “This download link is invalid and there is no file associated with it.”

    Pl see

  7. Dear Prof Bakshi,

    I was able to download. Thanks for the same.

    The only regret is that it would have been much better to listen to you deliver the lecture than reading only the presentation.

    How long was the session – It should have been tleast couple of hours..

  8. Hello sir,

    It’s me from the previous post. Well by now you must have figured this out that i am a bona fide mental case of uber kind.

    Well isn’t it misleading the readers about what buffets original intent was while investing in berkshire kind of companies.

    Isn’t investing more to do with growing up with the fortunes of the company and not forcefully selling the company which i don’t how many Indians can do.

  9. Mr. Bakshi,

    Going through your presentation is like going through a series of revelations about things around me.

    You have tremendously deep insights about a lot of things that most people seldom give even a thought to. Thus, your presentations and articles serve as an unbelievably amazing way for me (and anyone else who is smart enough to realize their value) to gain those insights vicariously.

    And most importantly, none of this would be possible were it not for your generosity to share these insights. Very Graham-like.

    I am immensely thankful to you for this.

    I am still to explore your entire body of work, and jump at any and every opportunity I get to sit down with your writings and reflect on them.

    I must say, you are a great source of inspiration to me.

  10. Sir,

    The download links in ome older posts are not working anymore. Could you please upload them .It would be very helpful.


  11. Hello Sir,

    The URL for ‘Confessions of a Value Investor: A Few Lessons in Behavioral Finance’ pdf looks like no longer works…

    Could you please send me the presentation if you have got it?


  12. Hi, just read your post on financial alchemy.. well said.. would love to read your thoughts on behavioral finance aswell. The link is not working. Pls share the presentation.

  13. Sir,

    how about doing this on an open forum so that we may hear you speak?


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