Case on Eicher Motors

Here is a document prepared by my team members on the Eicher_Motors_Opportunity.

One thought on “Case on Eicher Motors

  1. Neeraj says:

    Hello prof..
    Is kinetic motor going the same way as Eicher? I am not talking bout it as a special situation case. There is no open offer or anythn similar to what happened in Eicher. But i was just trying to compare it with what happened in Eicher post open offer and stuff. The market accorded a very high value to their stake in the JV. Similar thing could happen in Kinetic?
    Now i totally agree that Kinetic mgmt is no Eicher mgmt! But at 49 cr mkt cap, i was just looking into it..havnt looked at it fully yet, nor have i bought.
    But your thoughts on this would be good food for the brain!

    Cheers prof!!

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