Two Nights Before…

My course – Behavioral Finance and Business Valuation (BFBV) starts on 9/11. Two more nights to go. Been busy preparing a revised course outline (I like to change my course every year otherwise it gets too boring to put the same slides again and again).

I will have a total of 30 contact sessions with 70-odd students. I wish I could have more contact sessions – there is so much material to cover! Soon, the students will be tormented by an avalanche of mails and assignments etc from me 🙂

I have prepared a list of topics I want to add and those I want to delete. There is a list of movies to show, stories to tell, video scenes to play. There is a list of appropriate quotes to insert at the right moment. Its like writing a screenplay!

I am increasing the scope of behavioral finance component this year and hopefully students will like that. I have also incorporated many changes triggered by Nassim Taleb and his influence on my thinking. His latest book- Black Swan – is very good and I can relate what he has written to a huge number of real-cases which would be suitable for classroom discussions.

The photo at the top was taken by my wife while I was deeply engrossed with my friends i.e. my books. Two more nights and miles to go before I sleep…